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What is Landcare?

Landcare is a national grass roots movement driven by volunteers around Australia who are addressing environmental issues we are facing as a nation. 

This means anything from poor water quality, salinity and erosion, loss of biodiversity, poor soil health, impacts from climate change, impacts from invasive species, coastal degradation, marine debris issues, and a loss of Australian wildlife. 

Over 5, 500 groups around the country are working on these issues from remote rural communities to bustling busy cities through activities such as seed collections, tree plantings, weed removal, clean up events, erosion control, native species recovery projects, and pest species management. Thousands of everyday Australians get their hands dirty and regularly make a difference, will you?


is a community-based organisation which helps the Illawarra community living in the 3 local council areas of Wollongong, Shellharbour and Kiama on the NSW South Coast to get involved in a broad range of environmental repair activities.

meet the team

meet the landcare illawarra team

neil mclaren

Chair | Landcare Illawarra

Terry Harkness

Treasurer | Landcare Illawarra Volunteer

Ailee lynn calderbank

Landcare Coordinator | Landcare Illawarra

ruth jenkins

Membership secretary| Landcare Illawarra

VALE Richard Scarborough​

VALE Richard Scarborough, our Project Officer of many years. His legacy will continue throughout rainforests and woodlands of the Illawarra and beyond. We are grateful for all the knowledge he shared and the vitality he brought to all he undertook.

Planting in rembrance and appreciation of Richard Scarborough’s life & work

Sunday 5th December 3pm – 6.00pm

You are invited to Curry’s Mountain to share memories of Richard Scarborough and celebrate his life by planting some of the trees he grew. We’ll be continuing his legacy in one of the many places where he provided inspiration. Stay for a cuppa and some music afterwards.

Contact Andrew on 0404 086 040 or Ailee on 0499 027 770 or email

Please download the PDF here for more information.


find a group near you

In the Kiama region our Landcare groups work in a variety of landscapes from the mountains to the sea, stretching from Jamberoo in the north to Foxground in the south

Jamberoo Mountain Landcare (Jamberoo)

Jones Beach (Kiama Downs)

Bombo Headland (Kiama)

Cedar Ridge Landcare (Kiama)

Bombo Outlook (Kiama)

Hillside Native Food Forest (Kiama)

Kaleula Headland (Kiama)

Little Blowhole Landcare (Kiama)

Werri Beach Dunecare (Gerringong)

Jubilee Grove (Gerringong)

Seven Mile Beach (Gerroa)

Foxground Landcare (Foxground)

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