Membership is open to all individuals, organisations or groups who accept the objectives and rules of Landcare Illawarra, upon payment of an annual fee of $10 (individuals) or $25 (organisations and groups) and subject to approval by the Management Committee.
All members of member organisations and groups may attend open (general) meetings of Landcare Illawarra but will not have voting privileges. Member organisations and groups may each nominate one person to vote on their behalf at general meetings, and these organisation or group representatives are eligible for election to the Management Committee.

Landcare workshop

Members of organisations or groups which are members of Landcare Illawarra are encouraged to also join Landcare Illawarra as individual members, to enjoy full individual membership, voting entitlements and inclusion under Landcare Illawarra’s insurance policy.
The autonomy of local groups is a basic tenet of the Landcare philosophy. Groups form independently, maintain their own identity, and manage their own work sites. Landcare Illawarra is an umbrella body, supporting groups and landholders across the Illawarra district and providing access to insurance, information, funding and equipment.

For groups to have their members included under Landcare Illawarra’s insurance policy, the group must not be an Incorporated body or operate a bank account under the groups name. The list of members of a group to be included under Landcare Illawarra’s insurance should be forwarded to the Membership Secretary with the membership application by the 30th June each year.

Landcare Illawarra organises training workshops including bushwalks, plant identification and weed management, native seed collections for bush regeneration projects, and regular ‘Talking Landcare’ information evenings, as well as social events.

Assistance is available to individuals and groups to develop projects, write funding applications, and finalise project reports. Members have access to technical expertise to carry out weed control, tree planting, and bush regeneration.

Membership applications should be forwarded to:-

Membership Secretary                or   
Landcare Illawarra Inc.
P.O. Box 349
Albion Park NSW 2527

Download the membership application form here.