Mossy rock in rainforest

Mossy rock in rainforest

Wallace Creek Landcare consists of a group of private land holders working together to preserve their piece of paradise.  Roger and Julie Lyle purchased their 13ac property near Jamberoo in 1993. Since that time they have been working hard to restore a patch of remnant rainforest on their property.

The remnant rainforest was in a poor state when they bought the property. This patch of rainforest is important because it is a haven for fauna, such as wallabies and echidnas, and is a reservoir of locally threatened species.

The rainforest was infested with lantana which significantly reduced the biodiversity and viability of the forest. To restore the rainforest Julie and Roger began removing the lantana and other weeds. Julie and Roger relied on natural regeneration for the most part and only replanted with natives when necessary. Natural regeneration of the rainforest is the preferred method of restoration because it allows endemic, locally occurring plants to grow from seed that is still present in the soil.

Removing lantana is a difficult job and to help with labour Roger and Julie utilised the services of WWOOFers.  WWOOFers, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms, are Australian and overseas travellers that willingly work on organic farms in exchange for board and food. WWOOFers also learn new skills and meet new people while having a cheap and safe holiday. Click here for more information on WWOOF Australia.

Roger Lyle has also been heavily involved with Landcare Illawarra. He served on the management committee for over five years and for three years he served as the Chair.  As part of the Landcare Illawarra management committee he helped instigate the Streamwatch program and set up the regional seedbank. Roger has found that being part of the management committee is very rewarding.

Roger, a retired telecommunications engineer, and Julie, a consultant in health services, became involved in Landcare because they believe that they are custodians of the land.  They believe that is important to do everything possible to leave the land in a better shape than the way they found it.

Roger and Julie both love Landcare. They have learnt many new skills and met a great network of people while protecting the environment. Wallace Creek Landcare would encourage anybody to join a landcare group.

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