Noel Lonsborough at Little Blowhole

Little Blow Hole Landcare in Kiama has 20 Members with other particpants including Bahai, Buhdist, Quakers, and their local school

The group was formed in 2005 by Karen Watt. A site plan has been completed by Kiama Council. Increasing concerns about environmental issues generally, lead to the groups motivation to undertake practical environmental restoration activities. The group is also keen to develop community spirit through a deeper connection to the environment and with each other. This includes restoring the gully adjacent to the Little blow hole, Kiama to native vegetation and removal of weed infestations.

Group Activities undertaken to date. Site prep, planting ~200, weeding, erosion stabilisation with rocks for storm water outlet. Pathway construction.

Funding received to date Envirofund in 2007 – for plants and an informative brochure covering siginficant environmental concepts and points of interest including koori usage and significance of plants, fauna habitat.

The group has most recently been successful in obtaining funding under the Caring for our Country Community Coastcare Grants, $45 245.45 in partnership with three neighbouring Landcare groups; Bombo Headland Landcare, Gainsborough Chase Minnamurra River Wetland Landcare Group and Werri Beach Dunecare to continue environmental repair work throughout the Kiama LGA and develop resources for the wider community to improve community capacity to carry out natural resource management projects.

Planned activities til 2010 are an interpretive walkway, expand revegetation (see species list), and weed control activities, engage the local schools and try to get regular information page in local newspaper, the Kiama Independant for Landcare groups.

Meeting Times

The group meets on the first Saturday of the month and work through the cooler part of the afternoon.


Jan Bloomfield

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