Jamberoo Mountain Landcare is a unique groups of Landcarers who work towards maintaining the biodiversity of the Illawarra escarpment around the Jamberoo Mountain area.

Bush regeneration and natural area restoration activities take place on the Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve, to ensure the site is preserved for future generations to enjoy. This is a stunning piece of land which is managed by members of the Friends of Ben Ricketts as well as other interested community members.  Members of the Ben Ricketts Envriontal Preserve and Friends of Ben Ricketts make up the majority of Jamberoo Mountain Landcare volunteers working on the properties, but new volunteers are always welcome to come and share in the beauty of the site as well as enjoy some great company!

The site has a unique and interesting history relating to the management of the accommodation on the land. As well as carrying out regular Landcare activities throughout the year, volunteers also engage in restoration work on the historical cabins and organise other environmental activities such as bushwalking and widlife days with experts from the region.

About Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve

Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve and the Friends of Ben Ricketts are dedicated to conserving the unique plant and animal biodiversity of the Illawarra escarpment and providing affordable holiday accommodation to families, groups and individuals. The company has entered into a Voluntary Conservation Agreement with the NSW Minister for the Environment. This will ensure that the property is managed to maximise its important environmental value.

The Preserve is owned by a group of individuals and families who have bought shares in the property to ensure that the natural and built environment is preserved in perpetuity. Shareholders have access to cabin accommodation at reduced rates. Shareholders and Friends of Ben Ricketts are also involved in caring for the property. Bush regeneration and working bee weekends are held regularly.

For more information about Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve visit www.benricketts.org.au

Meeting Times

The group holds Landcare weekends throughout the year, and members are notified via the ‘Come Along’ newsletter. For more information on weekend projects, visit the Ben Ricketts Environmental Preserve website or contact the group coordinator.


Nancy Pallin