Tree ferns typically found in rainforests around the region

Tree ferns typically found in rainforests around the region

Helensburgh and District Landcare was formed in 1993 and currently has over 25 members.  It was formed because one of the founding members, Merilyn House, became concerned at the amount of beautiful bushland surrounding Helensburgh that was becoming over run with weeds.  This concern was relayed to the Local Community Centre Co-ordinator who was involved in a Landcare Group in the Wombarra area and who suggested that Merilyn House form a Landcare group – so she did!

Helensburgh and District Landcare have removed countless weeds since that time.  Currently they are working on three sites.  These being the Helensburgh Creek site, the Ridge fire trail site and the Old Station site.

This Landcare group has worked for over 10 years at the Helensburgh Creek site to remove weeds and revegetate.  Helensburgh and District Landcare even propagate their own natives from locally sourced seed to revegetate their sites.  This project has been so successful that they are collaborating with Wollongong City Council to extend the project area.

The Ridge fire trail site is a very important project that holds a lot of promise.  This site is sandwiched between the Garrawarra State Recreation Area and residential properties.  Helensburgh and District Landcare members are actively removing weeds from this site to protect the State Recreation Area from infestation.  They hope that this site will eventually become an effective buffer zone but it will require a great deal of effort.

While at the historic Old Station site, this Landcare group has removed trailer loads of weeds, including lantana, wandering Jew, morning glory and coral trees.  This project was developed with the assistance of one of the members of this Landcare group who is a Historical Architect and who has developed a close relationship with the local Historical Society.

Helensburgh and District Landcare’s members age in range from 11 to 58 years.  This group is a friendly bunch of people who usually meet on the last Sunday of every month and are keen to welcome new members.

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Helensburgh and District Landcare also have their own website.  The website has information on their current projects, details of where and when they meet, information of weeds and much more.


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