Minnamurra Wetlands

Unfortunately this group is no longer active due to the private sale of the property. But it is worth acknowledging the work that was accomplished by the previous coordinator and volunteers from the community.

This site was previously owned by the Kiama Baptist Church and contains SEPP 14 coastal wetland habitat. This important ecosystem has been subject to disturbance from the public accessing and vandalizing the site and people allowing domestic animals to damage the site.

Volunteers worked to remove species of weeds including African Boxthorn, Lantana and Asparagus fern on site, and also protected a heritage stone wall from vegetation damage by creating a 1m buffer zone.

Landcare Illawarra supplied chains and locks in the hope of keeping vandals out. Through various streams of funding, Landcare Illawarra was also able to supply a diversity of rainforest plants so that the subtropical rainforest could be extended on the property.

The site was used for many educational walks and talks where the general public were able to safely learn about the wetlands and wildlife that inhabit the area.