Nestled in the heart of suburbia in Kiama, Cedar Ridge Landcare work towards preserving a beautiful patch of remnant Illawarra Subtropical Rainforest.

Cedar Ridge

The site is dotted with beautiful big figs and cedar trees as well as lush understory of ferns and native ground covers. The group works at removing trad (Tradescantia fluminensis) and lantana from the understory of the forest making way for natural regeneration to occur. The group of dedicated volunteers has also been working towards eradicating privet from the site and where necessary, has carried out tree plantings which aim to enhance the biodiversity of this vegetation community.
The site is not only rich in biodiversity but has an interesting cultural history attached. Cedar Ridge is under a voluntary conservation agreement so that it is protected into the future.

Meeting Times

The group meets most Tuesdays from 9am – 3pm and some Saturdays when available from 10am – 12pm.


Helen Laidlaw

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