Corporate & staff volunteer opportunities

2012 UOW Staff volunteer Day

Landcare Illawarra can provide opportunities for corporate sponsorship and staff volunteering for organisations who are interested in supporting local volunteer environment groups in the Illawarra.

There are a number ways your organisation can contribute to supporting Landcare in the Illawarra, whether this is through financial support or a donation of time and labour through volunteer activities, or both!

To date a number of organisations have participated in staff volunteer programs as well as financially supported local Landcare groups in the Illawarra.

Volunteer day structure for corporate volunteers:

  • All volunteers will be guided by an experienced group coordinator on the day.
  • A full OH&S safety brief will be provided and all equipment necessary to carry out Landcare activities will be provided by the host group.
  • An overview and guided site tour will be carried out and then complemented by carrying out some environmental restoration activities to help enhance and protect the local environment.
  • Lunch and morning tea can be arranged for participants on the day.
  • Facilitated team building activities can be arranged.
  • Staff volunteer teams come away from their Landcare experience with a better understanding of biodiversity, their catchment and how their activities at home and work may be impacting on our fragile ecosystems.

Sponsorship & donations

All donations made to Landcare Illawarra will go towards supporting local volunteers to carry out on-ground works in the Illawarra.
Applying for funding for basic resources to carry out such activities is highly competitive and often difficult to secure. It is often up to the volunteers themselves to resource the group with tools and resources when funding is not available.

Sponsorship and donations help groups to fund things such as:

  • Tools
  • Gloves
  • Fencing to exclude stock or animals that may cause damage to the regenerating site
  • Trees and tree guards
  • Mulch
  • Help from professional contractors to assist with more difficult tasks

Media & promotion

Landcare Illawarra manages a number of online resources to promote Landcare activities to the wider community. These include:
A bi-monthly newsletter which goes out to over 300 subscribers in the local community.

The Landcare Illawarra Website is used to promote involvement in community projects and share Landcare stories to a wider network of people.

Landcare Illawarra social media – Facebook is used to share information and resources with a wide variety of demographics, and encourages involvement and raises awareness about regional projects.

Landcare Illawarra also has regular exposure in a range of local mainstream media promoting local projects and initiatives.

Talk to us about potential media opportunities.

More information

For more information about staff volunteer or corporate sponsorship opportunities contact:

Landcare Illawarra


Download the information package here